Drago Spiteful Priest

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For a start, this deck is just for fun, and will not claim for a level greater than 15 -10.

This is a drago-spiteful deck that is designed to play the full potential of a Spiteful Summoner. When playing for the 10 turn Spiteful Summoner and, for example, Brann Bronzebeard, you can put on board two creatures in 6, 8 or 10 mana; Or when Zola the Gorgon, you can put a copy of spiteful summoner in your hand.

Also, this the deck have spell for 6 mana Dragonfire Potion. This is not too good for spiteful summoner, but this card is good for dealing with aggro deck.
I had a thought to add a Prince Keleseth, but then I would have to give up Netherspite Historian, which would have a very bad effect on the early game and on the dragons in the deck.

I will be glad to read your suggestions this deck.
P.s:Sorry for my bad english and Google Translate.

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