[LEGEND] Control Warrior w/ Azalina

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The control warrior archetype is still strong, probably stronger with the new expansion cards Restless Mummy and Plague of Wrath.


What does Azalina Soulthief do? In the mirror you draw faster than your opponent. It's strange because you wouldn't want to draw more cards than your opponent does in old control warriors. Then you play Archivist Elysiana. You can play her with 1-2 cards left. Than you copy your opponent's hand with Azalina Soulthief and you get another Elysiana (most probably, if it's not the last card of your opponent's deck).

I like one Chief Inspector which destroys mage's Counterspell and hunter's all 5 secrets.

I removed Eternium Rovers for Vicious Scraphound Zilliax combo

Supercollider is good against "unwinnable" Quest Paladin.

Plague of Wrath is awesome against priest.


I think this deck is much better without the taunt package. You can react to more stuff.


So far my favorite decks from the expansion are Malygos Druid, Quest Shaman and Quest Paladin. Try these too. I wish you happy grinding. 

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