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Hiya! I've been enjoying playing casual games with the Hack the System quest in Standard and realized it might get a power boost in Wild thanks to weapon drawing effects like Forge of Souls and discounts from Ebon Dragonsmith, in addition to Blood Razor being a great activator for Grommash Hellscream and Frothing Berserker. And voilá, my first ever Wild deck!

I've only played it from ranks 25-20 so do NOT take this as a viably competitive deck (although if it turns out to be that'd be freakin' awesome), but rather as a good bit of fun. There really is nothing like completing the quest only to start churning out those Archaedas-badass-looking Golems. Let me know if you had fun with it or know ways of improving it, and good luck with Hacking those Systems!

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