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Hi guys, 

Today i would like to share my Tess Quest Rogue with you, mainly because i love the archetype and I don't see alot of it being played atm.

I can write a full guid if you like, please let me know in the comments below. It got me to rank 5 in a winstreak, with a decent 65% winrate sofar.

I have 2 versions i'm testing, one with scheme and one without, this one is with, the other one swaps the scheme for auctioneer (sofar, but Kartut Defender is also a good 6 slot against agro).



The plan is not to complete the quest quickly, it's to have boardpresence first and foremost. Therefore it is not a good idea to go and play lacky's for instance, they are for Togwaggle and later in the game. Building pressure and valuetrading is how this survives, using the roguetools to clear and getting you valuecards along the way. Using your Zephrys the Great early isn't always bad, although i like having a 6/6 devineshield taunt later in the game. Winning the game isn't always that easy, you have to think about the choices you make. But besides that the deck is really fun and does well enough on ladder. 

Happy to hear your comments and glhf!



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