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Ever wanted to play a 20/20 worth of a Rush minion for 10 mana? Well, now you can!


This isn't an optimized deck by any means but it's been consistent enough in the games I've tested it the bones of a really powerful archetype are there.


Basically you're playing to prock the 5 healing minimum cap required for Crystal Stag to work while buffing your Stags and Oasis Surgers as much as possible using Arena Fanatic and Anubisath Warbringer (Yes you read that right; this deck runs Anubisath Warbringer of all things) before mowing your opponent down with duplicating Rush minions. Splintergraft and Baleful Banker along with Faceless and Floop can also be used to create a lot of Havoc and with a well placed (and usually timely drawn) Dreampetal Florist you can sometimes create shockingly powerful combos.


The hard part is surviving the opening turns with this deck as most well-optimized Aggro Decks will be able to mow you down even with your healing before you can get your deck properly set up. Muliganing for Healing and Zilliax is often a good idea when faced with a Warlock or Hunter. Control on the other hand often can't deal with the sheer health a lot of your minions will have; plus Rush with Copy means you can counter most sudden developments on the board.


Assuming the game is going well you'll be playing and copying 8/8 and 5/9 rush minions that become 2 10/10's if left on the board once; constantly pushing so much stats on the board your opponent simply can't deal with your minions.


Hope you can create an even more powerful version of this deck if you can! Happy copying!



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