The Ol' Jade

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The idea is pretty simple: Fill the deck with Jade.

Mulligan for Jade Idol, Jade Blossom and Archmage Vargoth.

1st turn play Jade Idol to shuffle more Idols in the deck.

If you got the coin, coin out Jade Blossom, if not, HP or Jade/Raven Idol (If Jade then summon a 1/1, If Raven pick a low cost spell) and turn 3 play Blossom.

Turn 4 you play Vargoth and one of the Idols (Doesn't really matter wich) If you don't have any of the Idols, then play a spell from the previous Raven Idol.

The important thing is that by turn 5 you should have at least the 6 starting cards out, either in your hand or on board. By turn 5 you can stall a little with Jade Behemoth, wich will either summon a 2/2 or a 3/3.

By turn 6 you start the combo Gadgetzan Auctioneer/Jade Idol shuffling 3 more idols.

If the opponent doesn't remove Auctioneer, then it's game over for him, you just limit yourself to summon 4/5 jades and shuffle 6/9 Idols into your deck.


By the time your opponent tries to break the combo you should be able to summon a 7/7 or an 8/8, and most likely will be by turn 7/8.

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