Mysterious Avenger (Ft. The Curator)

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Hello. This is the Mysterious Avenger Secret Highlander Paladin. The main thing I wanted to explain here (as there are many similar lists) is The Curator. Pulling our menagerie on 7 with a solid mech taunt body is great. Further protects your board after a Mysterious Challenger turn. Not only can you play them all on 8 if you need to, pulling owl on 7 opens up Leeroy Jenkins + Ironbeak Owl finishers on 8. Matches up well against Sylvanas Windrunner as she can't kill it or die from it, and you just drew the silence to end her terror. Sir Finley of the Sands is an awesome card that you want to show up every game. Even as late as turn 8 he still can make a big impact. Last but not least, it's a mech. That means magnetic minions such as SN1P-SN4P , Zilliax , and even Glow-Tron all can help.

Very fun deck.

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