Quest Highlander Aggro

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This deck is pretty simple to play simply play on curve prioritize hitting face over minions, but don't lose the board so hard as to not be able to gain control in one turn. Play most cards on curve. Even playing a knife juggler on curve is generally correct if it get a card out of the enemy's hand, and there is good setup for turn 3 juggler to have effect with things like desert hair, spear, snake trap, hogstead, and spring paw. There are other things too, but are much more fringe setup like the infested goblin, or even Snip Snap depending on the situation.


Just remember most importantly with this deck is to PLAY YOUR CARDS. There is not a lot of reason to hold em you need to hit face and summon minions for that juicy Dino tamer brand and zephyrs or quest button follow up. Easy 20 damage when you force you opponent to continually answer your strong on curve boards.


As with any deck the more you play it the more sense it makes. Always look to pressure there hand size and force  them to play their cards as well can often kill people while they still have 6 and 7 cards in their hand whilst you only have 2 or even one card left because they were greedy and thought 17 health was enough to survive burst for one turn.

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