Rune Scape Card Design Competition

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This Week's Theme: Rune Scape

Demon Hunters are preparing their Sigils, but it's time for other classes to get in on the action!

  • You must create a spell which does something only at the start of your next turn
    • Just like the Sigils, your spell shouldn't have any other effect but one that happens at the start of your next turn
  • Your spell cannot be a Demon Hunter card
    • We've seen what Demon Hunters are doing with this effect - let's get creative!
  • Your spell cannot be a Secret
    • Cards like Competitive Spirit kind of work like this, but we want straight up spells for this competition

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Competition Entries

Despite being inspired by Demon Hunter's new Sigils (Flame and Silence), you don't have to theme your card as a Sigil. Embrace Darkness is an old card that would meet the requirements, for example.