Spirits of Competition Card Design Competition

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This Week's Theme: Spirits of Competition

We've got a special competition to celebrate Oozefest 2. You can choose any (or multiple) of these three prompts for your card to follow.

  • Run Away!
    • Design a card that returns a minion to its owner's hand or deck.
  • Over My Dead Body
    • Design a card that interacts with Deathrattles.
      • While your card (if it's a minion or weapon) does not need to have a Deathrattle, just merely being a Deathrattle will not count. We want something more directly synergistic.
  • Trick or Treat?
    • Design a card that gives your opponent something harmful.

Does anyone have what it takes to pull off the ultimate trick and meet all three prompts?

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To reiterate, your card only needs to meet one of the prompts to qualify for this competition - don't try and fit them all in one card if you don't want to!