If you want to earn free stuff through the Twitch Drops promotions that Hearthstone takes part in, you're going to need to connect your accounts together to earn credit. This guide will help you connect your accounts together.

What Are Twitch Drops?

Twitch Drops are in-game items that you obtain by watching streamers play your favourite games on Twitch.

An example of a Twitch Drops campaign.

These drops are created by game developers to promote their games during certain windows, and in the case of Hearthstone typically happens during new expansion and content releases. The goal is to get more people watching the game on Twitch to promote the game on the site. Anyone logged in to a Twitch account that is connected to a Battle.net account is eligible to receive drops when they are active for Hearthstone.

After you receive a Twitch Drop, you'll need to visit your Twitch Inventory to redeem it. During campaigns which have multiple drops, you'll need to claim a drop after you receive it to continue earning credit towards additional drops. Twitch has a dedicated page to see all currently active campaigns, so go see if any games you play have content dropping.

How to Connect your Twitch & Battle.net Accounts

There are three simple steps to follow to connect your accounts to be eligible for Twitch Drops.

  1. Log in to your Battle.net account.
  2. Go to your Battle.net Connections page.
  3. Click Connect next to Twitch and follow the instructions.

When Do Twitch Drops Happen?

Blizzard usually gives everyone an advance warning when Twitch Drops are going to go live for a specific time frame. You can pay attention to the official Hearthstone blog, Twitter account, or our very own website, to learn more about when drops are taking place.

When Twitch Drops are active, you will be able to see the text "Drops Enabled" on streams that are participating in Twitch Drops. Not all streams must participate, but most do because of the chance to increase their audience.

Common Issues

Blizzard has provided a list of common issues that have come up with Twitch Drops.

Quote From Blizzard

Common Issues
  • Make sure you're logged in to your connected Twitch account while you watch the event. If you're not logged in, you won't get credit for watching and you won't receive your reward.
  • Some browser plug-ins can block Twitch from recording your presence during a stream. Temporarily disable your plug-ins to make sure you're eligible for rewards. Twitch and Blizzard can't provide support for issues caused by incompatible browser plug-ins.
  • After unlinking a Twitch account from a Battle.net account, a new Twitch account cannot be linked for 7 days. If you have recently unlinked a Twitch account you will need to wait to relink a new one.
  • Resetting a Twitch password will break existing links to Battle.net. If you reset your Twitch password you will need to follow the steps above to unlink and relink your Twitch account to your Battle.net account.