Brawl of Champions Grand Finals

It all ends here, which Champion shall stand victorious!? Choose a troll champion and you'll get the strongest shrine yet!!!


  • This brawl is a part of the Season of Rastakhan event taking place over 3 weeks.
  • A special quest was active during this brawl which gives you a Rastakhan's Rumble card pack for playing three games.*
  • Winning a game for the first time this week gives you the normal classic pack.

* This quest was only available during the initial run of the Brawl in 2019.

How it Works

  • Choose a class. This picks your rumble champion.
  • Your rumble champion has a shrine, just like in Rumble Run.
  • Your deck is pre-constructed for your champion.

The Shrines

Gonk's Armament Card Image Halazzi's Trap Card Image Jan'alai's Mantle Card Image

Shirvallah's Protection Card Image Bwonsamdi's Sanctum Card Image Treasure from Below Card Image

Tribute from the Tides Card Image Hir'eek's Hunger Card Image Akali's Champion Card Image

When We've Seen Brawl of Champions Grand Finals

Week Started Ended Reward
Week #194 Tuesday, February 26, 2019 Saturday, March 02, 2019 1x Classic Pack
Week #251 Wednesday, April 01, 2020 Wednesday, April 08, 2020 1x Classic Pack


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