Aurelion Sol Card Image

The series continues! Today's spotlight is Aurelion Sol, cute little space doggy the Star Forger. Love him or hate him, there's no denying he has an incredible effect at both on individual games level and on LoR's meta. No other card comes even close to generating so much value. Without further adieu, here are 6 Aurelion Sol decks for you to adore.

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GrappLr's Sol + Trundle Ramp

Trundle Card Image Icequake Card Image

We'll start again with the meta-defining deck, Frejlord ramp. There are actually many variants of this deck; we're picking GrappLr's which features Harsh Winds and Spacey Sketcher but other popular options include Sunburst and Faces of the Old Ones. The strategy is always the same, though: ramp until you can drop either Trundle (or often Tarkaz the Tribeless) to stabilize, then stall until you can play A-Sol and big celestials. 

TealRed's Sol + Lux Control

Lux Card Image Starshaping Card Image

Another partner who's been gaining popularity lately has been Lux. Here's a decklist from TealRed; note that it doesn't have a lot of immediate synergy for Lux and instead looks to stall out the game until she can leverage celestial spells.

Winding God's Sol + Diana

Diana Card Image The Ruination Card Image

In case you missed it, here's the combination of A-Sol and Diana that Winding God brought to Reckoning. It's a Targon allegiance deck that splashes 2x Unspeakable Horror and 2x The Ruination.

Mogwai's Thresh + Sol Control

Thresh Card Image Blighted Caretaker Card Image

Another popular partner for Sol is Thresh due to his ability to cheat Sol out for free. Here is a celestial-light deck from Mogwai that focuses heavily on empowering Thresh, preferably through Blighted Caretaker. Because it is so dependent on that combo it can be a high-roll / low-roll -ish type deck.

FiVE's Sol Demacia Dragons

Herald of Dragons Card Image Dragon's Clutch Card Image

Here's a great deck from FiVE (and endorsed by Dog of War) that ignores Sol's celestial aspects in favor of his dragon aspects. Use Whiteflame Protector, Fused Firebrand, and Screeching Dragon to grab control of the board mid-game either JudgementBADCARDNAME or A Sol to close out any games that go too long.

Saucy Mailman's Heimer + Sol Purrsuit

Heimerdinger Card Image Purrsuit of Perfection Card Image Subpurrsible Card Image

Finally, here's a more "just for fun" build from Saucy Mailman featuring the furriest card in the game, Purrsuit of Perfection. Utilize the diverse celestial offerings to play uniquely named cards and present dual threats of A-Sol and Catastrophe.

And thus concludes our Aurelion Sol highlight article. What is your favorite A Sol deck? Tell us below, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow to see which champion we showcase next!