Mother Shahraz Strategy - Trial by Felfire Challenges

In the first encounter of the chapter "The Slithery and the Surly", you're fighting Mother Shahraz.

Mother Shahraz Card Image Parry and Riposte Card Image

Quick Tips

  • A big part of her power is due to Weapons, which work great with her passive Hero Power. Tech in those Oozes!
  • Don't attack face until you have a solid, wide board. Sacrificing one minion to her passive in order to get just one hit face isn't usually worth it.
  • Mulligan for an answer to Frothing Berserker, as that's her most difficult early play.
  • Try to have minions with different Healths in play to avoid a complete wipe to Bladestorm.
  • Keep the amount of her damaged minions at a minimum to deny any extra value from Blood Warriors.

Recommended Decks

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Watch Out For These Cards

Sul'thraze can be a very nasty weapon, especially if buffed with Upgrade! or Corsair Cache. If you can afford to save an Ooze for it, do so.

Despite being already nerfed, Priestess of Fury can still be a difficult minion to deal with. Taking 6 damage after every turn isn't an option though, so equip your deck with an effective answer.

Coilfang Warlord is her strongest minion, and is very difficult to deal with. Should you have any form of silence, this minion would be the best target for it. Never leave it damaged on the board if you don't want to risk giving Shahraz another copy through Blood Warriors.

Mother Shahraz's Deck

This is the deck Mother Shahraz uses in the Trial by Felfire Challenges adventure.

Hot Decks for Mother Shahraz

Find a community deck to defeat Mother Shahraz in the Trial by Felfire Challenges adventure!

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