Unbound Elemental

Unbound Elemental Card Image

Card Stats

  • Class Shaman
  • Expansion Legacy
  • Rarity Common
  • Cost 3
  • Attack 3
  • Health 4

Card Text

After you play a card with Overload, gain +1/+1.

Flavor Text

Unlike bound elementals, Unbound ones really enjoy a night on the town.


Overload - You have X less mana next turn.

Unbound Elemental Sounds

Play EX1_258_Unbound_Elemental_EnterPlay1

Attack EX1_258_Unbound_Elemental_Attack3

Death EX1_258_Unbound_Elemental_Death1

Unbound Elemental Guides

Game Accessories

Harness the Elements Overload Overload Overload Overloaded Overloading

Card Balance and Changes

Patch Change
Barrens Buffs

Attack increased to 3 (was 2).

Wailing Caverns

Trigger condition changed from "whenever" to "after".


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