Archmage Antonidas

Archmage Antonidas Card Image

Card Stats

  • Class Mage
  • Expansion Legacy
  • Rarity Legendary
  • Cost 7
  • Attack 5
  • Health 7

Card Text

Whenever you cast a spell, add a 'Fireball' spell to your hand.

Flavor Text

Antonidas was the Grand Magus of the Kirin Tor, and Jaina's mentor. This was a big step up from being Grand Magus of Jelly Donuts.

Archmage Antonidas Sounds

Ability VO_EX1_559_Trigger_02

Play VO_EX1_559_Play_01

Play Pegasus_Stinger_Alliance

Attack VO_EX1_559_Attack_03

Death VO_EX1_559_Death_04

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Game Accessories

BURN! Gurubashi Legends Legends Legends Magical Friends Magical Friends Magical Friends Mighty Minions Multi-Cast Spell Lovers Spell Searching


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