Blink Fox

Blink Fox Card Image

Card Stats

Card Text

Battlecry: Add a random card to your hand (from your opponent's class).

Flavor Text

It's like, SUPER bad at staring contests.


Battlecry - Does something when you play it from your hand.

Blink Fox Sounds

Play VO_GIL_827_Male_Beast_Play_07

Attack VO_GIL_827_Male_Beast_Attack_05

Death VO_GIL_827_Male_Beast_Death_01

Game Accessories

Battlecry Battlecry Burgle Copycat Exotic Beasts Thief Thief Thief


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    Bloodfeather 650 162 Posts Joined 04/02/2019
    Posted 4 years ago

    I will never disenchant my golden copy, even tho I hardly play rogue. <3


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