Hooded Acolyte

Hooded Acolyte Card Image

Card Stats

Card Text

Taunt Whenever a character is healed, give your C'Thun +1/+1 (wherever it is).

Flavor Text

Wait, what kind of acolyte doesn't wear a hood?


Taunt - Enemies must attack this minion.

Hooded Acolyte Sounds

Play VO_OG_334_Female_Human_Play_01

Attack VO_OG_334_Female_Human_Attack_01

Death VO_OG_334_Female_Human_Death_01

Hooded Acolyte Guides

Game Accessories

Cult of C'Thun Old God Old God Old God

Card Balance and Changes

Patch Change
Battlegrounds Season 5

Now has Taunt.


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