Whispers of the Old Gods Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Praise Yogg! Whispers of the Old Gods was the third expansion for Hearthstone! It was released on April 26th 2016 - Patch Notes

Expansion  Overview

Combat the approaching darkness with this set of 134 collectible cards.

  • New Gods - Four new legendaries feature the madness of the Old Gods.
  • New Mechanic - C'Thun has many followers, and those cultists aim to empower it. A variety of minions interact directly with C'Thun and buff it, wherever it is.
  • New Formats - Ranked and Casual matches now have an option of Wild or Standard format.
  • Card Changes - In addition to new formats numerous Classic and Basic cards received nerfs due to not rotating out of Standard format. 
  • New Emote - The 'Sorry' emote has been removed and 'Wow' has taken it's place.

Pre-Order & Free Content

Leading up to release, a bundle of 50 card packs was available for $49.99 USD.

Additionally, some free packs and cards were available to all players at launch.

  • Upon opening their first pack from this set, players were granted one copy of C'Thun, and two copies of Beckoner of Evil.
  • Three packs were granted to players that logged in before July 5th 2016.
  • Logging in for the first time presented you with a quest to earn 5 packs by winning two games in Standard.
  • A follow-up quest appeared offering 5 more packs for winning 7 more games in Standard.



Old Gods

Four ancient gods whispering and corrupting creatures and land around them. Each of these legendary minions has a very powerful capability.




  • The Battlecry splits it's Attack as damage amongst his enemies.
  • Increase the damage of it's battlecry by playing cultists.
  • Cultists target C'Thun specifically, and buff it wherever it is in the game. On the board, graveyard, your deck, your hand, your collection, wherever.
  • You may use other cards to buff C'Thun as well. The only thing special about the cultists is they target a specific Legendary minion.


N'Zoth, the Corruptor

  • Summon up to 6 other minions when you play N'Zoth.
  • Decks are usually built around this god with powerful deathrattle minions.
  • Cards that copy minions can have good synergy. 
  • Every deathrattle minion that dies on your board is eligible to be summoned.
  • The more copies that have died, the more likely that minion is to be re-summoned.
  • The minions are summoned in a random order.


Yogg-Saron, Hope's End

  • This is an incredibly random card. Praise Yogg.
  • The number of spells cast is equal to the number of spells played.
  • All spells played by Yogg-Saron are random and can be any collectible card available in the format.
  • On release, the Battlecry was guaranteed to continue until all spells had been cast.
  • After being nerfed, Yogg will now cease casting spells if it dies at any point in the process.


Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound

  • As expensive as it is powerful.
  • A random minion in your deck is summoned to the battlefield.
  • If you have no minions remaining in your deck, this does nothing. 
  • This is typically used to summon other expensive or powerful minions.
  • A common strategy is to attempt to summon a copy of it to pull itself out of the deck.
  • Most notable use was in decks like Big Priest.


The Old Gods have influenced many loyal servants dedicated to performing rituals or dark power. These minions directly buff C'Thun, wherever it is. Some of these cultists are empowered themselves and grant you beneficial effects when C'Thun has at least 10 Attack.

C'Thun is obtained for free after opening your first Whispers of the Old Gods card pack.

Beckoner of Evil Card ImageC'Thun's Chosen Card ImageCrazed Worshipper Card ImageCult Sorcerer Card Image
Dark Arakkoa Card ImageDisciple of C'Thun Card ImageDoomcaller Card ImageHooded Acolyte Card Image
Skeram Cultist Card ImageTwilight Elder Card ImageTwilight Geomancer Card ImageUsher of Souls Card Image
Ancient Shieldbearer Card ImageKlaxxi Amber-Weaver Card ImageTwilight Darkmender Card ImageTwin Emperor Vek'lor Card Image

Standard & Wild Formats

Play modes were divided into separate formats and changed the game significantly. Curse of Naxxramas and Goblins vs Gnomes were made Wild-only.

  • Standard Format
    • Intended to keep the game from getting too stale over time and allow for better deck variety.
    • Less intimidating for new players with a smaller card pool.
    • Random effects are also limited to the format's card pool.
    • Basic and Classic sets do not rotate out of Standard.
    • The format consists of the latest 2 years of expansions.
    • When the first expansion of a year is released the 3 oldest sets are removed, leaving only 4 sets of cards.
    • Each year will feature a new 'theme'.
    • The first Standard year was called the "Year of the Kraken".
    • This is the primary format for competitive Hearthstone.
  • Wild Format
    • Anything goes; all collectible cards in the game can be played.
    • A much different metagame than Standard.
    • More difficult to keep it balanced with so many cards.
    • Can be intimidating if you don't have a vast collection.
    • A new button was added to toggle between the two modes.
    • When Wild is selected, the UI will become covered in vines.
    • New filters were added to the collection for these formats.
    • You can choose which format to challenge a friend in.
    • If you want to play a deck in Wild, you have to change the type of the deck.
    • Changing a deck to Wild can be done by clicking the hero portrait above the card list.
    • Wild cards can no longer be purchased from the in-game store, but you can find them on the Battle.net store.

Classic & Basic Card Nerfs

Patch 5.0 came with a hefty bunch of card changes in order to make some classic cards less powerful.

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Revealed Cards for Whispers of the Old Gods

These are all the cards that have currently been revealed for Whispers of the Old Gods.


Fandral Staghelm Card Image
Wisps of the Old Gods Card Image
Forbidden Ancient Card Image
Klaxxi Amber-Weaver Card Image
Mire Keeper Card Image
Addled Grizzly Card Image
Dark Arakkoa Card Image
Feral Rage Card Image
Mark of Y'Shaarj Card Image


Princess Huhuran Card Image
Giant Sand Worm Card Image
Call of the Wild Card Image
Infested Wolf Card Image
Infest Card Image
Forlorn Stalker Card Image
Carrion Grub Card Image
Fiery Bat Card Image
On the Hunt Card Image


Anomalus Card Image
Cabalist's Tome Card Image
Forbidden Flame Card Image
Servant of Yogg-Saron Card Image
Demented Frostcaller Card Image
Cult Sorcerer Card Image
Faceless Summoner Card Image
Twilight Flamecaller Card Image
Shatter Card Image


Ragnaros, Lightlord Card Image
Vilefin Inquisitor Card Image
Forbidden Healing Card Image
Rallying Blade Card Image
Steward of Darkshire Card Image
Selfless Hero Card Image
Stand Against Darkness Card Image
A Light in the Darkness Card Image
Divine Strength Card Image


Herald Volazj Card Image
Embrace the Shadow Card Image
Forbidden Shaping Card Image
Twilight Darkmender Card Image
Shifting Shade Card Image
Shadow Word: Horror Card Image
Darkshire Alchemist Card Image
Power Word: Tentacles Card Image
Hooded Acolyte Card Image


Xaril, Poisoned Mind Card Image
Blade of C'Thun Card Image
Shadowcaster Card Image
Thistle Tea Card Image
Undercity Huckster Card Image
Journey Below Card Image
Southsea Squidface Card Image
Shadow Strike Card Image
Bladed Cultist Card Image


Hallazeal the Ascended Card Image
Hammer of Twilight Card Image
Eternal Sentinel Card Image
Thing from Below Card Image
Master of Evolution Card Image
Evolve Card Image
Flamewreathed Faceless Card Image
Stormcrack Card Image
Primal Fusion Card Image


Cho'gall Card Image
DOOM! Card Image
Renounce Darkness Card Image
Spreading Madness Card Image
Darkshire Librarian Card Image
Forbidden Ritual Card Image
Usher of Souls Card Image
Darkshire Councilman Card Image
Possessed Villager Card Image


Malkorok Card Image
Tentacles for Arms Card Image
Blood Warriors Card Image
Ancient Shieldbearer Card Image
Bloodsail Cultist Card Image
Blood To Ichor Card Image
Bloodhoof Brave Card Image
Ravaging Ghoul Card Image
N'Zoth's First Mate Card Image


Yogg-Saron, Hope's End Card Image
N'Zoth, the Corruptor Card Image
Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Card Image
Deathwing, Dragonlord Card Image
Soggoth the Slitherer Card Image
C'Thun Card Image
The Boogeymonster Card Image
Hogger, Doom of Elwynn Card Image
Twin Emperor Vek'lor Card Image
Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale Card Image
Nat, the Darkfisher Card Image
Shifter Zerus Card Image
Blood of The Ancient One Card Image
Scaled Nightmare Card Image
Ancient Harbinger Card Image
Darkspeaker Card Image
Validated Doomsayer Card Image
Faceless Shambler Card Image
Twilight Summoner Card Image
Crazed Worshipper Card Image
Cyclopian Horror Card Image
Doomcaller Card Image
Corrupted Seer Card Image
Skeram Cultist Card Image
Corrupted Healbot Card Image
Eater of Secrets Card Image
Blackwater Pirate Card Image
Midnight Drake Card Image
Silithid Swarmer Card Image
Disciple of C'Thun Card Image
Faceless Behemoth Card Image
Eldritch Horror Card Image
Grotesque Dragonhawk Card Image
Bog Creeper Card Image
Nerubian Prophet Card Image
Psych-o-Tron Card Image
Aberrant Berserker Card Image
Infested Tauren Card Image
Cult Apothecary Card Image
C'Thun's Chosen Card Image
Evolved Kobold Card Image
Polluted Hoarder Card Image
Am'gam Rager Card Image
Spawn of N'Zoth Card Image
Twilight Elder Card Image
Squirming Tentacle Card Image
Twisted Worgen Card Image
Beckoner of Evil Card Image
Twilight Geomancer Card Image
Bilefin Tidehunter Card Image
Duskboar Card Image
Zealous Initiate Card Image
Tentacle of N'Zoth Card Image

Card Backs & Packs

Eyes of C'thun

Clutch of Yogg-Saron

Card Pack

Game Board

Cinematic Trailer


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    This was my most hyped expansion.  It's also the most luck I've ever had with pack opening.  13 legendaries in 67 packs!

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    I still remember when streamers were so upset with C'thun early in the expansion saying he was OP and Blizz shouldn't of given his cult minions "premium" stats - and then by the next set they were saying how weak he was.

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    I had to craft nearly all the cards for this expansion when I started back in and I regret not just getting packs because this expansion was just fun


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