Majordomo Executus

Majordomo Executus Card Image

Card Stats

Card Text

Deathrattle: Replace your hero with Ragnaros the Firelord.

Flavor Text

You thought Executus turned you into Ragnaros, but really Ragnaros was in you the whole time.


Deathrattle - Does something when it dies.

How to Unlock Majordomo Executus

Unlocked in Molten Core, in the Blackrock Mountain adventure.

How to Unlock Golden Majordomo Executus

Crafting unlocked in Molten Core, in the Blackrock Mountain adventure.

Majordomo Executus Sounds

Attack VO_BRMA06_1_TURN1_02_ALT

Death BRM_027_MajordomoExecutus_Death_1

Play VO_BRMA06_1_START_01

Ability VO_BRMA06_3_INTRO_01

Play Pegasus_Stinger_War

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  • FieselFitz's Avatar
    Prince Charming 1105 1355 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 3 years, 4 months ago

    This card gave me some fun moments - give it to the opponent and kill him :) 

  • darkpanther01's Avatar
    350 12 Posts Joined 06/04/2019
    Posted 4 years, 4 months ago

    Dane loves this one


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