All Teched Out

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I built this deck based on an off-hand comment I saw during the reveal period. The idea of the deck is to put all the tech cards in a deck so that you are prepared for all possible circumstances. This means that we are working with almost all neutral cards. I had to choose a class to build the deck, so I went with Hunter. Deathstalker Rexxar gives the ultimate tech options, mostly in providing a win condition. That is the only thing I couldn't tech in here. The only other class card I put in was Dinomancy. That is an anti-hero power tech when combined with Grizzled Wizard. Save it for when your opponent plays one of the oppressive Death Knights. I'll give a brief rundown of my targeted tech for each card in the deck. Feel free to suggest any tech you think should be included, just remember to suggest something to remove so there is space.

One card I considered but didn't put in was Prince Malchezaar.

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