Silver Hand Shenanigans

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Buddy sent this to me and I had to try it out. Yup, this is a winner!

So, even though we have Unstable Portal in the deck, they don't actually get put into the deck until after the start of the game which means Baku the Mooneater works! We can flood the board with consistent, silver hand nonsense at the start of the game and then just hit that Quartermaster buff.

Consistency for the win!

Q: What if I don't have these cards

A: Then get these cards. Honestly though, this is not worth a Baku craft if you got rid of the card when it rotated out last year, this is only a Tavern Brawl and only for a Classic pack =(

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    This is the deck I first used, Had a paladin quest so.. But I think it's kind of too reliant on having a board. 


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