Heroic Solver Clash at Wyrmrest

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I used this deck (AAECAZ/HAgqRAZACogmO7gLdqwOFrQOXrQOwrQOFsQOOsQMKyQbTCtYK1wrmiAOZqQPcrAPyrAPwsAOYtgMA)

To take down most of the act 2 bosses with a few changes for some of the bosses.


They make heavy use of dragons so Dragonmaw Poacher is useful against those enemies that use them.

Sometimes you need to sub in weapon removal, others more silence.


United Explorers: put cards in that Deck steal so you can use the OP treasures they have in their deck, Also use weapon removal here

Cultist Dawnshatter: Add more silence, cheaper minions and go face whenever possible. plague of death is good here too


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