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This is my current favourite variant of Murloc Shaman; it got me from rank 5 to legend just last week. I don't see many people playing this list, so I thought to share it to this new community (now that Hearthpwn isn't a thing anymore). 

This deck functions almost exactly the same as the normal Murloc Shaman: drop Murloc Tidecaller early to buff it, play Murloc Warleader to give it attack, all under Underbelly Angler - probably the strongest Murloc card in Standard - so you never run out of cards. I like running this version because it allows me to control the board not just using my minions, which means more stuff to go face. It's also important to note that several spells can also go face, namely Lightning Bolt. The list seems relatively weak at a first glance, but once you try it, you'll find that it's quite strong. It may not be as good against slower decks like Control Warrior as the pure Murloc variant is, but against decks like Cyclone Mage, it's heavy enough to keep the pressure on.

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