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Hunter is one of the best hero types in the game. Their cards are so well crafted and play together beautifully. They play fast and powerfully. I love it. I created this deck to play in standard and it is really good at holding it's own, especially for how cheap it is. Well crafted and hard to mess up, this deck is just all around fun to play with.


Your mulligan for this deck is pretty straight forward: grab your lower cost combos first, leave the high cost cards for later. There are however a few extra good cards to start put with in your hand.

  • Shimmerfly. A great one cost card that also blesses you with spells. Kill off early to buff your Scavenging Hyena or combo with a Dire Frenzy to increase your spell pull.
  • Hench-Clan Hogsteed. This card is great for tempo. Whether you use it to clear cheap minions early or combo it with Spirit of the Lynx to clear heavier minions, this card is good for helping with board control.
  • Dire Wolf Alpha. A great early game card, it's +1 attack buff to possibly two minions is very appealing.
  • Scavenging Hyena. One of the main win conditions of any good beast deck this card can start to get really beefy really fast if played alongside Unleash the Hounds and Hunting Mastiff.
  • Spirit of the Lynx. While not a set win condition (which is why there is only one in the deck) this card can really help to get you out of a tight spot when you need it, or just buff your beasts for extra damage.

Friendly Suggestions

Hunter decks play as smooth as butter and this deck is no exception. The deck plays fast due to low cost minions and it gives you multiple opportunities to hit for lots of damage.

  • Scavenging Hyena is obviously going to be one of your biggest players. Use it wisely since it is often the first card targeted on the opponents turn.
  • Spirit of the Lynx works well with your Rush and Charge minions providing them the ability to cause instant damage.
  • Unleash the Beast is a good defensive card when the opposing board has some thick cards in the way of your victory.
  • Kill Command and Headhunter's Hatchet should almost always be used to deal damage to the hero.
  • Baited Arrow is another great card for creating big minion. Paired with a Tundra Rhino you can get not only a kill on the board, but an instant charge minion as well.

There are many great ways to play this deck.


Spirit of the Lynx. Throwing another one of these bad boys in the deck just ensures extra buffs.

Hunting Mastiff. An additional Hunting Mastiff can give extra tempo.

Halazzi, the Lynx. Provides multiple cards that can give you instant board control if comboed with Spirit of the Lynx. Can also take care of the overplayed hand issue mentioned below.

Master's Call. Can help to provide extra draw.

Gladiator's Longbow. Can help to provide extra defense or offense depending on how the game is going.

Common Problems

One of the biggest problems with this, and almost any beast hunter deck, is the possibility of overplaying your hand. With so many cheap minions in your deck, it is easy to play them all in one turn. To be effective you must pace yourself and the deck. This will ensure it melds as intended. Another common issue is the fact that the deck plays almost like a token deck, without the spawning tokens. Can be easy to get caught off guard if your opponent plays big wipes or a taunt oriented deck. Try to keep the tempo and balance between offence and defense.


Enjoy the deck!

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