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Darkglare offers some interesting play patterns. It seems like it's designed for a pretty fair "your cards get stronger when you take damage" playstyle, but it's interesting how it nets you mana with the cheapest of self-damaging creatures. This works even better with Kanrethad Ebonlocke; refunding mana and netting mana are both really obscene. What's particularly interesting to me are the amount of 1-drop's that can hurt your Hero, considering that Darkglare refreshes 2 mana. Finally, Sense Demons and Witchwood Piper also add some consistency, which is very promising.

I'm just trying to speculate on what would make this work as a deck. My guess is some sort of effect that deals damage equal to the amount of damage your Hero took that turn. I don't even think you'd need much of a draw engine to get this concept working, especially considering Darkglare makes your Hero Power essentially free, in the way this deck is concerned. The creatures involved are pretty zooie creatures, albeit less powerful than some of the cards zoo can play nowadays, so there could be some alternate win condition in just being a low to the ground, aggressive, and flooding Warlock deck.

Maybe this'll work with something one day, though high chance it wont. Still, it's an interesting concept.

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