Bulwark DMH Fatigue Warrior

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This is a fairly standard fatigue warrior list, created with the intention of using Bulwark of Azzinoth in a fun way. Having only one weapon in the deck, Hoard Pillager will always bring it back, which will allow you to shake off a lot of damage while you eventually fatigue your opponent. You can use the following combo every turn once your deck is fully drawn through:

With two Dead Man's Hand,  Hoard Pillager and Coldlight Oracle in hand...

DMH --> Hoard Pillager --> Coldlight Oracle and repeat each turn.

The beauty of this combo is it prevents four sources of damage from your opponent, puts two minions on the board and draws them two cards closer to fatigue or further into fatigue.

All other cards in this deck are built around giving you advantages to stay alive until you can make this combo happen. 

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