Whizbang's Workshop Tavern Crawl

Welcome to the Whizbang's Workshop Tavern Crawl!

You and your fellow Out of Games Tavern Patrons will be going on an adventure across the site to engage in festivies related to the Hearthstone expansion to earn new on-site cosmetics!

This is a limited-time feature on the site. Everything goes away when Whizbang's Workshop launches!

Explorers - Card Voting

Contribute to the community compendium by rating all of the Whizbang's Workshop cards!

Below is your current progression. If you need to vote on cards still, head on over to the Whizbang's Workshop Guide!

/ 1 Votes
Rewards: Package
Title: Giftwrapped Explorer
/ 40 Votes
Rewards: Package
Title: Explorer of Gears
/ 80 Votes
Rewards: Package
Title: Workshop Wanderer
/ 120 Votes
Rewards: Package
Title: Whizbang's Wayfinder

Scholars - Card Discussion

Put your thoughts on display for the whole community by engaging in discussion on all the new cards. You will unlock new site cosmetics as you leave your thoughts on each card discussion thread found on our forums.

Below is your current progression and cards that you still have yet to comment on.

Rewards: Package
Title: Theoretical Tinkerer
Rewards: Package
Title: Rubber Duck Researcher
Rewards: Package
Title: Sticker Sage
Rewards: Package
Title: Origami Oracle
Rewards: Package
Title: Stuffed-Animal Schemer
Rewards: Package
Title: Toybox Tactician

Login to see which threads you need to comment on.

Devoted - The Truly Dedicated

The best among us complete their voting and discussion tasks in the Tavern Crawl and are rewarded for it!

/ 145 Votes
Rewards: Achievement
Devoted Workshop Helper


  • andychen11's Avatar
    40 4 Posts Joined 03/13/2024
    Posted 1 month ago

    I really wanna try the DK hero

  • Demonxz95's Avatar
    Senior Writer 2245 2628 Posts Joined 03/19/2019
    Posted 1 month ago

    Ended up shotgunning the whole thing in one day.

    Not gonna lie, it was kinda fun.

  • imranasghar796's Avatar
    5 1 Posts Joined 03/11/2024
    Posted 1 month ago

    Just Waiting to try out ziliax 3000 wizbang and dk hero card

  • anchorm4n's Avatar
    Toybox Tactician 1895 2307 Posts Joined 03/13/2019
    Posted 1 month ago

    I've completed my voting, but didn't get the Explorers title. Will those be awarded somewhere in the future or immediately on completion? Might go for the Scholar this time as well but I'm not sure if I'll find the time :D

    • Fluxflashor's Avatar
      CEO 2005 3066 Posts Joined 10/19/2018
      Posted 1 month ago

      Heya anchorm4n! The titles are all in and if you visit this page, you should now earn credit for them. (You can also wait and we'll run a query that updates everyone once the crawl is over)

      Good luck on getting those scholars!


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