The Last Libram

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A little experiment I threw together to test if the libram package combines well with The Last Kaleidosaur. I think the synergy isn't super, but there are some nice crossovers. For example, you can use Echoing Ooze to copy Libram of Wisdom and Primalfin Champion to copy that and Libram of Hope.

Unless your health is getting dangerously low, remember to use Flash of Light on your minions, even if they don't need healing. I found myself healing my face when acting on muscle memory and missing quest ticks as a result.

Zola the Gorgon is there to copy Galvadon, so you get two tries at building a terrifying dino. Don't hold Galvadon until you draw Zola though.

The Voraxx is in there to clone Libram of Wisdom, but may still be just a meme. Dragonkin Sorcerer or Djinni of Zephyrs are other cards that were never quite good enough, but could be tried just in case.

I had Wild Pyromancer in an earlier version of the deck, but I was often ahead on board in the early game because buffs and divine shields enabled favorable trades, so I replaced it with Consecration.

I'm not sure if Lady Liadrin should be in this deck: with her in it, you probably want as many copies of Libram of Hope as possible and casting many other buff spells will dilute her value. I don't have her in my collection, so I couldn't easily test this.

Lynessa Sunsorrow should probably be in the deck if you have her in your collection. Maybe play Sound the Bells! as well then.

Anyway, probably not the best deck to climb with, but as more cards get released, the original quest is getting more playable. I hope this list provides some ideas for getting new fun out of an old card.


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