Keleseth Recruiter Raza Priest

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Recruiter is a card that can be used with Spawn of Shadows and Raza/Shadowreaper Anduin to do a lot of damage. This, along with the fact that Hemet, Jungle Hunter can blow up your deck and get you to those 4 combo pieces quickly if you build a low cost deck led me to create this deck. It loses out on Zephrys to run Keleseth, but having a large density of 1-drops helps when the goal is trying to have fodder for Anduin later. It's also compatible with Skulking Geist, though that adds an extra turn after Hemet.  Feel free to run Kazakus, if you want. It's a meme deck, so do whatever you'd like!


PS: Infectious Sporeling is absolutely hilarious with Magic Carpet, and in general. This card can completely take over the board unless it's hit with a spell/battlecry.

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