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Buffs are fun, and so is Raza the Chained/Shadowreaper Anduin. This deck aims to cram in as many buff-related cards into a Reno Priest shell as possible, so you can do wacky things like Power Word: Replicate a Sergeant Sally or win off of Zephrys the Great giving you Bloodlust on a few The Voraxx tokens. There's a lot of other meme legendaries/options you can use, like Zerek, Master Cloner or Fjola Lightbane, so just use what your collection has. This is just one version.

I also think Reliquary of Souls is great, and likely a core card in this deck, but I don't have it. Definitely include it if you can, in place of Sergeant Sally or some other option. Meme decks can be whatever you want them to be, so just look at this as a rough guideline. You can definitely win games with this, though it is clearly inferior to other builds of Raza Priest. Still, it's more wacky, which to me means a bit more fun, so go right ahead and give it a spin. Remember to always behold the glory of a new sun!

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