An Old, Imperfect Renolock

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I'm adding this for the compendium of favorite wild decks. Please note that the current manifestation of Renolock has many better tools at its disposal, so this list should not be taken out on the Wild ladder in 2020!

This Renolock was an amalgamation of the cards that I had at the time, and I had a ton of fun with it. A large chunk of my warlock wins on ladder came with this list. It always felt good to drop Reno Jackson on curve or turn 7 against aggro and see those instant concedes. I ran Lord Jaraxxus because I had him and because I wanted another out if things got bad after Gul'dan. He rarely won any games! I also loved the Brann Bronzebeard + Gnomeferatu mill combo. Had a few instant concedes because opponents lost their Frost Lich Jaina or other key card.

This list also shows that I wasn't sure what kind of archetype to play - lots of self-damage, lots of discard, lots of demons, and a little bit of a Zoo feel. I have no idea why [Hearthstone Card (Emperor Thaurissian) Not Found] is in there. I guess he made cards cheaper so I thought that would help. 

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