Teaching Dragons and Murlocs to Read Paladin

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We decided to try teaching Dragons and Murlocs to read by slapping them with Librams! In a fairly aggressive mixture, our Murloc Dragon Libram Paladin turned out to be surprisingly effective...

The only discount for the Libram of Wisdom and Libram of Justice are Aldor Attendant, so the Attendant is a good keep in the mulligan. Other than that, this plays like a regular Murloc Paladin with some extra mid-game power and healing. Skyfin was the MVP as he helped us reload the board after early clears or punch the final nail in the coffin of our opponent. With this many dragons, he was almost always active.

We've got a gameplay highlight video at https://youtu.be/N8HF5vYGNbo, so check it out if you're interested. Enjoy and have an awesome day!

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