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Welcome everyone to this theorycraft Schlomance Academy deck for Wild format! Because Wild rules, Standard sucks. This deck is gonna be centered around Immortal Prelate and buffing it a lot. But there's more, because with the new card Vectus, you can shuffle even more buffed stuff into your deck and reduce the potential for your opponent to get rid of your win condition!


Your main goal is to survive, draw your Prelates and buff them. Once they die, you can play Vectus to summon 1/1 Whelps that will also have the ability to shuffle themselves into your deck with all enchantments, including the Deathrattle granted by Vectus.

Notable Cards

Immortal Prelate - duh, she's the main win condition for this deck! You buff her, shuffle her, rinse and repeat!

Vectus - gives you more units to buff and shuffle into your deck. In case your opponent Silences some of your immortal units, this guy comes in handy to keep the chain going.

[Hearthstone Card (Fluffy Broom) Not Found] - such a good addition to the deck. It basically lets you turn Prelates and Whelps into more proactive plays, because without Broom, they are just meh topdeck minions. Having Rush on them helps a lot in so many situations.

Possible Replacements

Wretched Tutor - gives you some more AoE, and because Libram of Wisdom can cost (0), you can guarantee a cheap removal, especially with [Hearthstone Card (Equalize) Not Found] or with Libram of Justice. Wild Pyromancer can serve the similar purpose.

Coghammer - a solid weapon to give your main units Taunt and Divine Shield. However, [Hearthstone Card (Spikerigged Steed) Not Found] serves half the purpose of the weapon and lets your immortal units summon a 2/6 when they die. Also, Pharaoh's Blessing can also give the afromentioned keywords on top of +4/+4.

Sunkeeper Tarim - the classic stall tool for Paladin.

Glowstone Technician - handbuff stuff, but it's usually slow.

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