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CardID or NameBADCARDNAMEThe idea of this deck is to control the board with your spells and also make a board with your spells and cards that generate a board with your spells such as Serpentshrine Portal, The Fist of Ra-den, and Headmaster Kel'Thuzad.

As soon as I sawLightning Bloom I thought Malygos combo, unfortunately there aren’t enough 1 damage face spells in standard for shaman for a full blown combo however you can use Malygos as a finisher for at most 28 damage with MalygosLightning Bloom, Lightning BloomFrost Shock, Frost ShockLightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt. Of course this example is a best case scenario you can do a finisher with one Lightning Bloom and three of the 1 cost spells but I wanted to add it for fun and because I thought it could possibly be very good. However don’t save the cards just for the finisher if you need to use these card to save you, by all means use them, just try to keep some of them for the finisher.

I added two Hex because I feel like polymorph or transform effects will be very important in the coming meta. I added a bunch of board clears in case Aggro or Tempo is really good. You’ll be passing the first two turn which could be bad but the Mid-Late game looks very powerful, if your playing against Aggro keep keep[Hearthstone Card (Hagatha’s Scheme) Not Found], Lightning Storm, Serpentshrine Portal, andThe Lurker Below. Against control I’d say keep The Fist of Ra-den but I haven’t played against many control decks in standard for a long time so I don’t have many keep suggestions against it.

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