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Updated the list for Descent of Dragons: Stowaway has increased the viability and consistency of this deck drastically.

Thank you Blizzard!

'Win Condition: Get your opponent to 12 health, play Spellweaver and double Eviscerate.'

Know all The Queen's tricks

1. Venomous Touch: Envenom Weapon in your hand to remove a large single target. [No one saw it coming!]

2. Myra's Cybernetic Support: Antique Healbots that can be buffed using Zilliax and Valeera the Hollow, restoring the Queen's health after her solo action! Redefining the role of Rogue, but the Queen herself is not a rogue, she is her own class!

3. Spider Queen's Eviscerate: Leeroy Jenkins? Who needs him when you can bypass the taunt and deal 12 damage out of nowhere.

Featuring King Anub'arak and an army of nerubians, scarabs, and leyline spiders. Use Valeera the Hollow card to allow the Queen to reveal her true form, the sinister Spider Queen! Don't like someone? Sap them using the Spider Queen's web, or temporary stop the conflict by using Vanish!

Myra Rotspring joins the gang as the Queen's 'chosen one' accompanied by Blenda, her sole follower. Read the story of how she found the Queen below!

The Queen needs a rest? Loatheb and the Venomancers are here to keep the order in check...

Here's the lore that I made up. Feel free to just scroll down for guideline down below.


Chapter 1 - Azeroth's Forgotten Folklore

‘No one knows from whence she came, or what burdens she had carried when the cleansing happened. She was banished from her world. Cursed, she literally faded away from the existence. She was forgotten. She became the Void.’

‘The story goes that after her apparent banishment, a fragment of her soul still lived on. Her grudge was so strong. She wanted justice. She kept coming back. One by one, her slanderers were all dead. Their bodies vaporized into nothingness—just as they did to her. Redeemed, her duty was done. She vanished, forever,’ said the Innkeeper.

‘So she’s a Nerubian you say?’ said Blenda, a Mistress of Mixtures.

‘He just said no one knew where she came from, darling. Pardon my assistant, she’s retarded,' a voice came yelling.

‘I’m sorry, Mistress Myra,’ Blenda weeped.

‘I know you desperately want to make an expedition to her tomb, Myra Rotspring. But be careful, who knows what lies there,’ said the Innkeeper.

Myra grinned, and cheekily responded, ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen? Plus, I have the big boy right here with me. Dr. Boom probably doesn’t care anyways. I mean, what would he do if he found out? Kill me? Don't think I can die again.' 

And so, the expedition began. Her objective was to collect the sample of the so-called legendary poison of the long lost Spider Queen. The gang composed of Myra herself, Blenda, and Dr. Boom’s re-programmed bodyguard, Zilliax. The ladies traveled on two Augmented Elekks, powered by a large supply of Necrium. As they reached the tomb, something happened.

‘I knew you would come for me. Lovely,’ came a whisper.

Myra looked around for the source of the voice, ‘Did you hear that, Blenda? That wasn’t you weeping, was it?’ 

Before Blenda could respond, a large glass tube of Necrium suddenly fell down from the Elekk. Shattered by the impact, the Necrium spilled all over the ground, and activated the mechanism inside.

A blinding light struck them. Everyone covered their eyes, while a sound of an unknown being echoed throughout the hall.  

‘At last! Come my minions. We shall prevail!’ said the Queen herself.

Nerubians crawled out from the shadows of the hall, in the most impossible way possible.

‘It’s time for Azjol-Nerub to flourish again!’ said Anub'arak

The Spider Queen glared her eyes down into Myra.

‘My champion. This is your fate. This is the sole purpose of your existence. By a mere coincidence that was never a coincidence, you have awaken me from my slumber’

Tears streamed down Myra’s mask. Her emotion was filled with anxiety, nerviousness, and yet, happiness. Never in her life had she seen anything this beautifully absurd before. The Spider Queen’s aura came in waves of impossible colors. She walked down a set of stairs before her, melting down each step in process as she touched it.

‘Now, let our poison cure this world,’ said The Spider Queen with a wicked smile.


Chapter 2 - A New Beginning

'I can still sense his presence even from here. He is alive, somewhere far away. I know he will come back one day. He will bring the same thing to this world as he once brought to my land: total destruction. He must fall, for his promises were nothing but lies. SARGERAS! The clock is ticking, and the web is raveling...'

I and my underlings traveled through the days and nights to land of the frozen wastes. The world looked different to me, yet one thing remained the same: war. There were signs of aftermath everywhere we came across. Fallen soldiers, cursed spirits, frozen corpses, and the injured kinds. I knelt down on one knee, examining this dead, rotten plant. It spoke to me when we made contact. I could feel the sorrow that we both shared. Empowered, it rose from the ground, forming a shape that of a giant bog beast. Loatheb, the fallen one, now arose, would join us in our travel to a place where we would perform our preparation. 

'We have arrived my Queen. This is Venomspite, a place where we can stay for now. My associate should be here somewhere. Blenda, go see Mrs. Winterby. Tell her we need some blankets. The Queen and I will wait for you inside the lab,' said Myra.

They walked to a door nearby, and started knocking the door.


'Oh, Myra! There you are. You're a genius girl. Star Moss was indeed the missing ingredient. Who is this beautiful lady here... and a spore emitting BOG BEAST? IN FRONT OF MY LAB?! You'd better explain yourself now, young lady,' said Plaguebringer Middleton

'I hope the maid kept my quarter the way it was when I left, Chief. We will stay here for a while. This is the Queen.'

'THE Queen? Huh!... I.. don't think.. Does she have a name? Is this a prank? I haven't talked to Repine for at least a week now. Is this her doing?' Middleton didn't quite buy the statement

'You can call me... Death,' The Queen proceeded to touch a flower, which died right away. She threw the dead flower into a nearby pot of water, creating a bright green poisonous substance that melted through the glass and right through the building floor.

Middleton and Myra stared at each other face in a dumbfounded manner.

'Here we conduct many experiments. I'm sure you're familiar with the Plague. We still have a war going on, and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner rely on us to assist her by sending our latest strain of Plague,' Middleton explained to the Spider Queen, as they descended down the spiral staircase to the underground laboratory.

'And Myra here is a bright prospect. I hope she joins us full-time... if not for that crazy goblin. Planning to steal a flying city? That's boring. Our work is much more appreciative and... interesting. I'm sure you would agree, my Queen.'

'I will consider your offer when my contract with Dr. Boom expires, which is soon. I'll stick around for now,' said Myra.

'Yes, here we are. Take your time. I was brewing a potion, so I have to resume my work,' said Middleton, while leaving.

'The blankets are here, Mistress Myra! Mrs. Winterby also sent her gratitude,' Blenda rushed in clumsily.

'Yes, yes. Put them on the bed. And come here, quickly. I need your help with the design. It's nice to finally have someone to help me,' said Myra.

'I'm so happy to be of your service, Mistress Myra. Anything for you!' said Blenda.

'You see, my Queen, I've been quite eager to put myself to test again after I became aware of your... ambition. But you see, in this modern world we need to cope with the progression of the technology. Mech is the thing now.'

'I have some schematics that I borrowed from Dr. Boom. How about this SN1P-SN4P? Hmm...,' Myra pondered.

'Can we come out now, my Queen' asked Anub'arak, who protruded from the ground

'Just you, Commander. You are welcome to be a part of this conversation' said the Queen

'Your tied to The Lich King is cut. You have your own free will now. But you are still tied to the circle because you have a destiny to fulfill, as do I. Our immortality is no coincidence, and neither is yours, Myra Rotspring.' The Queen began explaining.

The four individuals continued the conversation the whole night.


Chapter 3 - Relic of the Past

A long time ago, there were me and my sisters. Our kind lived not in peace, but neither did we live with war. It was more of a competitive thing that we had, conquering lands and expanding our territories. We had our share of fun. But then he came, the Demonic Titan, who corrupted us. He made an offer that we could not refuse: power. But the price was high, and we had to serve him. Most of us had no choice, but to agree and join the Legion, but not me and some of my sisters. They hunted us down, one by one. He eventually found the source of my power, and it was compromised. It was transferred into a gem, and casted away into another dimension. Sargeras is contained, but that is merely a scheme. He will come back.

'So, what do we do?' asked Blenda, eager to know the answer.

'We need to find that fragment of my power. With it, I will be able to call upon my whole army, and then we will be ready.' said the Queen.

The relic is called-,' the Queen was interrupted by Middleton, who rushed in slamming the door open.

'DO YOU SEE THAT ON THE SCREEN? It's a flying Dalaran City. That bastard of yours actually did it, Myra!' said Middleton, eyes opening wide.

'According to the computer, the city is heading towards Kalimdor, Uldum,' said Myra, while frantically typing on the keyboard. A map appeared on the screen showing various pictures and description of Uldum.

'The Gems of Neithis. I sense its power coming from that place. That's it!' said the Spider Queen, who had regained the attention of everyone.

'They contain the fragment of our power. They belong to my sister, Neithis, who was casted away into a cosmic storm, known to us as the Nexus. Whatever that place you are showing me is, it may lead me to the gems.'

'The League of E.V.I.L. is also heading there. My guts tell me we should too. Plus, we can probably slip in unnoticed. I doubt Dr. Boom has noticed that we have been missing anyways. Meeting him there or not, there is no difference,' said Myra.

'Blenda, pack our stuff. We are leaving tomorrow before dawn. An exciting adventure awaits us, except I cannot feel it because my heart doesn't beat. But I just know it.'  

Chapter 4 - Coming Soon

Preface [Descent of Dragons Update]

The deck is now much more stable with the addition of Stowaway!

I just simply tried to 'dump' all the spider cards in while keeping the deck playable. Surprisingly, it actually is playable, and can be overwhelming to your opponent if you are lucky. Some spider cards are left out due to bad synergy. I made this deck just for fun because I love the idea of shuffling cards into your deck or the opponent's deck.

I will update the deck whenever a new expansion hits. Hopefully the deck can only get better and better.


The win condition is to

1. Stall for board control until you draw spiders and overwhelm your opponent with them

2. Use Valeera the Hollow, get opponent to 12 health, play Spellweaver and double Eviscerate.

I actually found this deck to be quite aggressive sometimes, if you are lucky with the draws.


In general, this deck is not good against any deck that can generate small tokens constantly, or any aggressive deck in general. 


As of Descent of Dragons, the addition of Stowaway has improved the tempo of the deck drastically as playing it draws a minimum of 2 spiders while drawing a minimum of 2 extra cards. This can happen as soon as turn 5. Because of Beneath the Grounds, this deck counters Reno Jackson, and Kazakus, basically any Highlander deck. Envenom Weapon allows large single threat to be removed with ease, causing a surprise for your opponent while holding large minions in their hand hostages. The mech package allows you to heal back up substantially. Due to the nature of the deck, it requires your opponent to clear the board many times, because the spiders tend to not come up at the same time. Overall, if your opponent doesn't play anything the first 2 turns, your work becomes immensely easier.


Two of the followings: Mistress of Mixtures, Cheap Shot, Eviscerate, Envenom Weapon

The other one, or two if you get the coin, should be a minion, preferably Infested Goblin, Augmented Elekk, Fal'dorei Strider

Notable core cards: The core cards here are kind of obvious but I have to mention this, Venomancer and Mistress of Mixtures are actually core cards as well, the games don't feel the same without them. Venomancer is like a third Envenom Weapon, the opponent will try to remove her. Not only that, but she also synergizes with the hero card, you can play her twice with the shadow. Mistress of Mixture, or 'Blenda', is just the right card with the right effect.

How to play [Descent of Dragons Update]

Early and Mid

The early phase can be very physical. You equip weapon on turn 2. If opponent drops a potential threat on turn 3, you can just use Envenom Weapon, else just hold on to it. You may burn all the spells early against an aggro enemy. Play the Elekk on turn 3 to develop the board, doesn't matter if you have the shuffles or not. You should save at least one out of the 4 spider shuffles to play with Augmented Elekk at some point in the game. Infested Goblin features the taunting scarabs, the scarab helps a lot early in the game, and can activate the Eviscerate combo for early removal. 

The idea is to have your first spiders shuffled in as soon as possible then wait until you draw Stowaway or some spiders.

The ideal play is on turn 3 play Augmented Elekk into Faldorei Strider on turn 4 and then Stowaway on turn 5. Make sure you have the board most of the time. Myra Rotspring is mainly used to fill your hand while you wait for the core cards. If your poisonous weapon is spent, drop a Venomancer. She is more useful to the deck than you think.

Shadow of Death can be played with Stowaway and used on an opposition's minion that is deemed stronger, or on your Zilliax.

More on Envenom Weapon, try to keep it as a surprise element for the opponent. Let him play a big boy first, he'll be surprised next turn. 


Valeera the Hollow. The idea is to flood the board with spiders, play Anub'arak as a sticky. Get the opponent health to 12, and you have the option to play Spellweaver and double eviscerate. Note that you get to use this combo more often than you think.

Since this deck is super physical, Antique Healbots are included. Play them with Valeera the Hollow and you get 16 HP. This turns the game around and cause opponent to rethink. Zilliax has amazing synergy with Antique Healbot, and Valeera the Hollow due to its magnetic ability. Play around with those, and keep yourself alive.

The deck features 2 board clears. Abomination is used to stall aggro, or later on can be played with Valeera the Hollow to potentially become a 4-damage board clear, which also deals face damage to your opponent as well. Vanish is a hard removal against any deck that summons, or cheats out many high-cost minions, but cannot put them back on the board all at the same time. At 10 mana, you can follow up with a 4-drop or less after playing Vanish.

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    Phat lore and phat spider queen earns a phat like. 

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    Love the flavor of the deck and work you clearly put into both it and the guide. Keep it up, I'll definitely have to try it later!

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      No, please don't. It won't be worth the dust at all. But thank you so, so much!

      But to say the least, the fun experience this deck gives is unique when playing against another control deck. Also that omegalul moment when your opponent plays Kazakus and nothing happens, then he realises he made a mistake. (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

      I was happy too because Anub'arak, Spellweaver, Venomancer, and Anub'ar Ambusher seem to work here, and they never see play elsewhere. I also used to run two copies of Nerubian Prophet, but the Elekks that came with Boomsday have been a massive improvement for spamming the nerubians. I really hope Blizzard prints more Nerubian cards for Rogue or as neutral cards in the future. I really like dem spiders.

      Thank you once again for stopping by :3

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      If we played Evolved Kobold here instead, it could potentially be a 10-mana, 18 face damage combo with both copies of Eviscerate and use another copy from Valeera the Hollow. It's insane. The introduction of Shadow of Death also makes all these spell damage shenanigans possible. It will never shine in the meta, but it is possible to be executed.

      Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment! C:

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