[SA] Control Warrior v2.0

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Due to the new Reaper weapon, CW now even have greater board control mid game and do not have to only rely on skiper combos because Reaper + Cuttingclass even do more massive aoe damage while drawing cards. So it is easier to wait until you have the oppoturnity in turn 6-7 to do skipper combos for massive swing turn and armor gain . Vs aggro at this point it is usually game over. Vs other slower decks, you can savely play all your key late game toys now. Keymaster, 2 Troublemakers and Rattlegore, all have to be removed. Prime and Deathwing can also help you out. The only deck capable of withstand all these threat, is ofc the freaking Priest. Sorry, but Priest are always the hardest matchup, hope the hunters and demonhunters can keep the Priest population down.

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