Instructor Fireheart's Archaeology Quest Shaman

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Instructor Fireheart is a really fun card, and we wanted to make sure the fun could last as long as possible, so we built this deck! While Shamans don't have access to Sorcerer's Apprentices, the spells from Instructor Fireheart can be discounted by Dwarven Archaeologist. As long as you discover spells worth 2 mana or less, it's possible to keep chaining spells until the opponent is dead or time runs out!

To maximize the likelihood of getting spells we can use and keep the chain turn going as long as possible, we built a Corrupt the Waters version of the deck with Licensed Adventurers and Lightning Blooms. With plenty of battlecry minions to complete the quest and benefit after the quest is complete, this deck can produce tons of power and value even with such a low curve, giving you plenty of time to set up a crazy Instructor Fireheart turn.

That being said, our winrate was below 50% (perhaps in part because we were trying so hard to get to a Fireheart turn rather than focusing on winning...). This can certainly be improved, but it was a fun first version. We've got a gameplay video with a couple games at if you'd like to check it out. Happy experimenting, and have an awesome day!

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