Decktech's Silas Control Warrior

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Before jumping into anything, all credit goes to my opponent who I ran into playing this deck, called Decktech. Here's a link to his Twitter where he sometimes posts lists. Anyway, onto the deck.

So anyway, this a typical control deck that also has the combo of Silas Darkmoon + Shield Slam + Soulbound Ashtongue for slower matchups where you can stack up armor.and burst the opponent for most of their life total.

To support this, we have the [Hearthstone Card (Ancharr) Not Found] package to draw out Risky Skipper as well as a Kobold Stickyfinger for backup encase we draw one of our skippers. While the Silas combo is one of the main win conditions, it isn't always necessary to win, which is where the Doomsayer comes into play as another board clear. To top things off there is also Zephrys the Great given that you tend to draw out most of your deck.

The list is still rough around the edges, but given how good broom paladin is, and given how good Silas is against it, the deck looks to have potential If any of you give it a swing, make sure to let me know how things went so I can try to refine it a bit more!

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