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I've never been adept at making amazing decks - partly because I just don't care about the meta - but I'm particularly attached to this deck for it has brought me great success over the past Hearthstone Year. I will be sad to see it leave Standard, but I will honor its contributions to my win column by writing up a post for it.

Most Elemental Mage decks I've seen on HearthPwn and the like are aggressive Book of Specters decks, running minimal spells. This one is a late-game deck, heavily focused on outlasting one's opponent through sheer value via a seemingly-endless source of spells and minions. Draw power is pretty low, but that's no big deal: we'll just fill our hands with new stuff instead. We obtain new resources via the following:

Most of which benefit nicely from Leyline Manipulator, often decreasing the Mana cost of an entire hand's worth of cards. When in doubt we can rely on Bonfire Elemental to draw us some additional cards, but I don't always find it necessary (unless I badly want my DK). To what end, you may ask? All of these Taunts, control cards and value-generators are brought together to drain the enemy of their own stuff, until they're left with an empty hand, an empty board, and/or an empty deck. With nothing in your way anymore, winning is easy...although they tend to concede by then.


Pretty straight-forward: We're a slow fatigue deck, meaning we have two primary weaknesses: decks that can kill us quickly, and combo decks that don't care about the board state. This deck can function relatively fine against Aggro if you mulligan well and have what you need in-hand, but its primary function is to out-duel other Control decks. Combo decks are the bane of the living, and unfortunately there's not much that can be done about them in this deck outside of Polymorph-ing a key piece. In Wild cards like Dirty Rat can be substituted in for the needed disruption; this just might end up happening anyway, given the deck as a whole will be on the way out of Standard in a few short weeks.

Anyway, this is the end of my little "guide"; not much to say, really, as I think the deck is rather self-explanatory. I salute you, "Fire and Ice", for all you've done for me.

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    I have all the stuff to relive this wonderful deck... sans Pyros and honestly not looking to craft it either.  But it can still operate with updates


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