Wild Even Shaman, post flametongue nerf

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This is still a very strong archetype in the Wild format due to its stellar earlygame which can match all faster decks, and ability to dump big threats on the board every turn until your opponent runs out of resources.

In control matchups, you are often playing your opponent's deck more than your own, as the key to victory is committing just the right amount of preasure on the board to make them make difficult choices about how to use their removal and AOE. If the the perfect answer is the same, do not play that minion. Thing from Below is a key card here, as it can often be used as a 0-mana refill after a big clear.

Note that this version runs both Ragnaros the Firelord and [Hearthstone Card (the lich king[/card rather than another 6-drop. This means you should be very careful about overloading yourself on turn 7, you are pretty likely to draw one of them, even if you don't have them in hand.

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