Wall Priest (Darkmoon Faire Edition)

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This deck plays quite similarly to good ol' Res Priest, except it seems like it's actually competitive--I've had a 63% winrate with it in the Darkmoon Races meta (albeit with a tiny sample size of 19 games) and finally settled on the current iteration. It absolutely murdifies Paladin (*gleeful chortle*) and splits about 50/50 against Rogue, Druid, Hunter, and [Hearthstone Card (Tickaturd) Not Found] Warlock. (I will include a disclaimer that I have faced only one [Evolve] Shaman and one [Aggro] Demon Hunter so far; Mage absolutely obliterates the deck if it hits Devolving Missiles; and Control Warriors in all variations make for quite difficult matchups.)

The goal of the deck is to take advantage of the current aggro-heavy, silence-free meta by building an unending wall of taunts. Big late-game value cards and non-taunts are a no-go because you're dead before you actually benefit from them, so we cut everything like Activate the Obelisk, Sandhoof Waterbearer, Skeletal Dragon, Catrina Muerte, and Blood of G'huun. We replace these cards with ones that beat aggro--namely, lots of removal and healing. The end result is a very slimmed-down list that runs only four unique minions (Archmage Vargoth, Psychopomp, Convincing Infiltrator, and Khartut Defender).

The rest of the list is rounded out with cards that maximize the minions' value (Raise Dead, Gift of Luminance, Grave Rune, Mass Resurrection), remove small minions (Holy Smite, Breath of the Infinite, Hysteria, Holy Nova--Convincing Infiltrator does a good job removing the large and mid-size stuff), or stall (Renew, Wave of Apathy). We also run Insight to tutor the minions (think turn 6 Psychopomp on a Convincing Infiltrator + Grave Rune), and we run Plague of Death as a flexible AOE/Rattlegore counter. Once our dead pool consists of lots of Convincing Infiltrators and/or Khartut Defenders, we win one of two ways: either we chip the opponent down with a full board of 2- and 3-attack minions or win through attrition, removing any and all threats from our opponent!

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