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This is an attempt for a Secret Even Hunter. I've always wanted to try this kind of deck, and after the 2nd nerf of Rastakhan's this just became viable, thanks to the nerfs to Hunter's Mark and Lesser Emerald Spellstone.
Like with Secret Hunter, you should mulligan for the spellstone and some secrets, preferrable Wandering Monster. If you are on a game against hunter, mage, or paladin, also mulligan for Flare, as it will allow you to destroy your opponent's secrets and will draw you a card. There are two copies of Flare for the card draw, as we cannot add Master's Call or Tracking for their odd costs.

Always try to play Zul'jin before Rexxar if possible. Zul'jin will refill your board with wolves, deal some damage to opponent's minions, and replay all your secrets. Try to take advantage of this swing and close the game. If not possible, Rexxar is there to back you up.

We also have some beasts and Houndmaster Shaw as minions to have something to play when secrets or Spellstone are not part of the mulligan. The echo dogs can help you to bugg Scavenging Hyena. That combined with Revenge of the Wild will fill your board with rush beasts to buff the hyena even more.

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