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Mages and Paladins are finally getting nerfed, and once they become fewer in number, Rush Warrior is poised to gain a lot of ground in the meta! When looking for an effective way to get value from Overlord Saurfang and the new Frenzy package in Warrior, we realized that Stonemaul Anchorman, Outrider's Axe, and Cutting Class gives Warrior some ridiculous card draw.

So, what card cares about cycling through the deck like mad? C'Thun, the Shattered! What's really cool about this deck is that the rush package allows us to keep the pressure on the opponent or control the board while we yank cards from our deck at an astounding rate, and set up for a semi-swift C'Thun to finish the game with a massive burst of damage.

The Frenzy package of just 2 copies of Stonemaul Anchorman, Blademaster Samuro, and Overlord Saurfang feels really good. Each Frenzy minion benefits from the Rush synergies in the deck, and helps trigger the secondary win condition (which was more relevant than C'Thun most games) of using E.T.C., God of Metal to chip the opponent's health down. And wow, Rokara and Playmaker really do make the rush package feel amazing...

With a fair number of games after we initially played this on stream, we're still well above a 50% winrate, and that includes wins against Lunacy Mage and Paladin before the nerfs. Now, we almost never got to play C'Thun because the rush package overwhelmed opponents before we could draw C'Thun from our deck (even with the absurd card draw), but in quite a few of the games, if there had been a couple more turns, I'm pretty sure we would have seen C'Thun. Still, this is a really fun synergistic amalgam of archetypes which is performing quite well!

If you'd like to see this deck in action, there's a gameplay highlight at or below for you to check out. Have fun experimenting!

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