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My first legendary of the expansion was a golden Rokara, so I was looking forward to Rush Warrior becoming a proper archetype and became really dissapointed when I saw it crash into the ground. Now that Mage is dead, and Paladin is slightly weakened, it is Warrior's time to shine, and I wanted to share the build I've been using. The deck got me to Legend and I've managed to maintain a 21-10 winrate with it in dumpster Legend (6000-2000), so I'd say it is at the very least decent. Even then, I don't recommend crafting anything for this, since the meta is still unstable and Rush Warrior is probably one of the archetypes with more room for refinement. 

Something I realized trying to make the deck work during the time of Spell Mage supremacy is that Tempo Warrior is hard to build, since it has access to three different packages at the moment: rush stuff, menagerie stuff and simple good Warrior stuff such as Mor'shan Elite, Outrider's Axe and Sword Eater, with some of the cards overlapping between different packages (like Bumper Car or Sword Eater). I originally leaned onto menagerie a lot harder, including Ringmaster's Baton to activate Mor'shan Elite more easily and Circus Amalgam to justify Baton's inclussion, but I eventually realized the deck didn't have any problem activating Mor'shan and Baton was subpar anyway. I still think some menagerie is good in Rush Warrior because Ringmaster Whatley is a good refill tool and it can tutor Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, which is the only finisher the deck has access to aside from ETC.

I've had success with this deck, but there's a bunch of stuff you can experiment with or include depending on the classes you are facing. I originally ran Overlord Runthak instead of Samuro, but decided to give Samuro a try because I was facing a lot of Hunters and DH (these are good matchups for Rush Warrior anyway, but Samuro improved my winrate against them even further). Parade Leader is something that seems logical in an aggresive tempo deck like this one, but I haven't been in a situation where I wished I had access to him. Finally, I've seen some Rush Warriors play Troublemaker and he looks like a nice finisher you could run along Alex, but I'm not sure what should I cut to make room for him.

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