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Hello guys! Today I have a meta-breaking deck for y'all. I'm sure whoever has played Hearthstone for some time has heard of the fun Dreadsteed Warlock deck. Many of you also remember that Dreadsteed's deathrattle used to be "Summon a Dreadsteed". Blizzard then nerfed Dreadsteed's deathrattle into what it is today. However, this deck is still fun and surprisingly got me to rank 7. Down below, I will show some questionable cards in the deck and explain their purpose.

Spiritsinger Umbra & Carnivorous Cube & Bloodreaver Guldan:

These cards' purposes are pretty obvious. Try to summon around 5-6 Dreadsteeds with them.

Mayor Noggenfogger:

With so many Dreadsteeds on your board, Noggenfogger goes so well with them. Your opponent will be forced to use less spells and their minions will rarely hit your face. Of course, Mayor Noggenfogger is pretty useless in other decks, so unless you want to commit to this deck, then I suggest replacing Noggenfogger with some other tech card.

Nerubian Egg & Tar Creeper:

These cheap cards are used for board control in the early game. Cards like Demonwrath, Hellfire, Power Overwhelming, Twisting Nether, and Spiritsinger Umbra goes well with Nerubian egg.


Mal'Ganis is also a key part to this deck. Not only he makes your hero immune, but he also gives your Dreadsteeds +2/2. He pairs perfectly with Mayor Noggenfogger as well. If you are low on dust, you could replace Mal'Ganis with cards like Crystalweaver or Stormwind Champion.

Sacrificial Pact & Mortal Coil & Power Overwhelming:

These spells can help your Spiritsinger Umbra generate more Dreadsteeds.

Alright, done with that. Now, there are other decks that you really need to step your game up against. Mage, in this instance, is the worst enemy to Dreadsteed Warlock. The opponent could play Frost Lich Jaina and get free Water Elementals from your undying Dreadsteeds.

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