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I tried Recurring Villain priest (weak vs. aggro) and Holy Wrath paladin (weak vs. warrior) but they didn't cut it. So I made this warrior list with heavy control and a surprize finisher against mirror. I mostly faced warriors, hunters and mages.


  • Galvanizer Mecha'thun Shield Slam combo is for the mirror matches. They play Elysiana and you play the combo and win. Keep Mecha'Thun  against potential Hecklebot luck. There is a trick against bomb warrior: when you have the necessary pieces then you can fill your hand with Omega Assembly so the drawn bombs will burn instead of dealing 5 and melting your armor.


  • Silence and EMP are mainly against mech hunter and paladin. Very rarely against Inner Fire priest.


  • Mossy Horror is for the swarm druids.


  • Supercollider is strong against Conjurer's Call

Enjoy your winstreak.

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