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Working wild discardlock, got to rank 5 with this deck, 

opening hand should be kobold librarian, malchezaars imp, darkshire librarian or howlfiend, try to get malchezaars imp + soularium for draw 3, discard 3 then draw 3,

late game controls board with imps spawning every turn, and elysiana to refill deck because you draw faster than almost every other deck

discarding any of the heavy cards is ok, you dont need malganis or bloodreaver guldan to win, they are just nice lategame cards to have.

make sure you dont have a howlfiend on board when your quest is close to completeing so howlfiend does not discard it, 

make sure to pace malchezaars imps draw, they can easily mill you so you may need to suicide them off to ensure you do not overdraw

try to get soul infusion to land on jeklik, she keeps the buff after being discarded so you can get a hand full of 5/6 jeklik instead of 3/4

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