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Hello all!  Big demon hunter aficionado.  Unitied in Stormwind is very exciting for my favorite class!  DH has some great underutilized tools that just never found their place in the Barrens meta.  Hopefully Stormwind can make some of these realize their potential.  Be advised, this deck should take a little more brainpower than the standard deathrattle deck.  It's designed to target aggro decks, but has some flexibility to take down slower archetypes.

The premise is simple, control the board enough, then combo them out with Jace Darkweaver unless you're able to smack them earlier with copied Illidari Inquisitor + lifesteal chunks courtesy of Il'gynoth

First, survive the early game:

  • There's lots of lifesteal and board sweep tools.  Use them appropriately, and don't hesitate to lose some health in order to set up more efficient clears.  There's lots of lifesteal to help you climb back to 20+ health.
  • Insatiable Felhound is nothing to sneeze at, especially if he's copied with an outcasted Felosophy.  Creating a pair of 4/7 lifesteal taunts will really slow an aggro deck.  There's enough 4 drops to easily corrupt him.
  • The small soul package provides a little bit of sustain while utilizing the underrepresented Shardshatter Mystic.
  • Don't stress about saving your Felosophys.  If you need a pair of 2/4 Spirit Jailer to keep control against a Shaman or Hunter do it.

You survived, great!  Now let's finish them:

  • Jace is the big hammer.  Ideally either him or Il'gynoth will be reduced in cost from a Skull of Guardian, if not that's ok.
  • If you can get Il'gynoth on the board then play Jace they will eat a ton of Lifesteal damage from the Fel spells recasting, hopefully followed by a hero attack.  Even better if you keep an Aldrachi Warblades in play for doubling the damage off your Chaos Strike.  But in a slower matchup that's not the goal of a Jace play.
  • If you cast Jace with your only demon in-hand being an Illidari Inquisitor all your re-played Felosophys will copy the Inquisitor.  This will lead to follow-up turns of dropping a 9/9 or 10/10+ rush every turn thereafter.  Even staunch control decks will struggle with this.
  • Some times you may be able to finish earlier strictly from a couple copied Inquisitors (9/9).


  • "Why not just play OTK Demon Hunter?"  This deck has a larger variety of win conditions.  If you've ever had an Il'gynoth get eaten by Mutanus the Devourer you know what I mean.
  • Caution:  Ideally they have minions out when you play Jace so all your Eye Beam / Chaos Leech target them and not your own board.
  • Soul Shards mildly mess with Skull of Gul'dan.  You'll still end up with 3 new draws in-hand, but the follow-up draw after a Soul Fragment does not receive the 3 mana discount.
  • The Soul Shard package with Shardshatter Mystic and Spirit Jailer is definitely anti-aggro.  If the meta slows down I'd advise cutting it for greedier options. 


  • The aforementioned Soul Shard package, if not facing much aggro at your rank.
  • Kurtrus Ashfallen is a luxury that helps corrupt the Felhounds, not essential.  I wouldn't craft him for this deck.

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