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The final month of Forge in the Barrens meta has been very stale and boring. I no longer bothered to reach legend and just stayed at Diamond 5, and I have just been playing meme decks in Standard, Wild and Battlegrounds this past few weeks.  

While I was looking for meme decks, I came across this bonkers Autocomplete Hunter Wild deck by Keith Numbers. It featured Kazakus, Golem Shaper and worked really well for me at Wild D5. That's when I realized, since Kazakus GS is a pretty viable card in wild, it should be the same for standard. I then started playing with Homebrewed DH and Hunter Kazakus decks on standard. I'm at 50% winrate with the current homebrewed Kazakus DH I'm using right now. It's the base I used for this Theorycrafted deck. I just removed the least optimal cards and replaced it with the Fel package.



Always keep: Kazakus, Golem Shaper, Chaos Strike, Venomous Scorpid, [Hearthstone Card (Wand Maker) Not Found]

Only if it's the rightmost: Eye Beam

Probably keep: Cornelius Roame Metamorfin (if you have a cheap Fel Spell in Hand)


Strategies to help you win:

1. The most obvious one: Perfect 1(hero power is fine)-2-3 curve then Turn 4 Kazakus. Turn 5 Golem. Can be game winning.

2. Nobleman,. Most of your cards are cheap. It can be easy to run out cards by turn 6 or 7. This means, Nobleman is more likely to duplicate a high value card like Jace, Roame, or Golems. And even if you don't it's likely to hit something good since all cards in your deck are good.  

3. Stiltstepper is best played turn 6 or later as most of your cards costs less than 4 mana (thanks to Kazakus' limitation). 

4. Cornelius Roame. Refill your hand when you run out of gas. Likely to happen since you have a lot of cheap cards.

5. Turn 6 is the earliest you can do a double Bladed Lady turn. Hero Power, Chaos Strike + Fury OR Fury + Relentless Pursuit

6. Felsteel Executioner is 12 damage in three turns. 15 with hero power. Very good card when trying to race.

7. Against token, minion/board-based decks, the Fel package can be devastating. I have been saved by Eye Beam countless times with my previous homebrew. 

8. I added Metamorphosis to add another Fel spell to Jace's pool and to corrupt Felsteel Executioner. My previous homebrew used Moonfang, you can use that instead if you don't have Metamorphosis

9. Another obvious one. Jace Darkweaver's battlecry.

10. Don't be afraid to Illidari Studies into Skull of Gul'dan on turn 6 even if you're behind on board. Most of your cards cost 3 or less.

11. Don't be too hasty on dismissing the Felosophy you get from Wandmaker. You have Bladed Lady in your deck. 

Replaceable Cards

Venomous Scorpid - Good value card and is a very problematic card for your opponent to remove. But there are other good 3 drops to consider like Mankrik, Devouring Ectoplasm, Brightwing (if you're feeling meme-y), Archdruid Naralex (not sure about this) or Flightmaster Dungar (not sure about this).

Metamorfin - Really not sure about this one. I added it because of the Fel package. You can replace it with Sneaky Delinquent (pretty good with my current homebrew).

Metamorphosis - There are other good 5-drops like Al'ar and Moonfang

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